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Happy to say that we have been working quietly away on actually a fairly loud new recording. Tony, Jérémie and I have plugged in. In collaboration with Jeff Oehler and Susan Bibeau of Beehive Pro, their stacks of whirring vintage amplifier, electric guitars and a few special guests from the Montreal and Upstate NY scenes, we are making the rawest rockingest record I've ever put out. I think something about heading towards parenthood got me needing to pick up an electric guitar and make some noise, shake out some demons, service my inner rocker and get ready for the next chapter. Stay tuned! Though, no guarantees we'll stay in tune. Raw I tell you.

We are set on releasing it in the UK for mid June, though we will have it in hand for our UK tour in the month of May if all goes according to plan.

Gigs coming
In advance of all this rocking, I'll be doing a completely unplugged set to celebrate Earth Hour on March 28th, sharing a candlelit night with the beautiful Echo Women's Choir at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto (the acoustics of which you may have enjoyed on the Cowboy Junkies incredible album "The Trinity Sessions").  The evening is called "Moonlit City."

And then I go abroad with Tony and Jérémie!

UK, May 
3rd, 4th, Wath Festival, Wath
7th, Guitar Bar, Nottingham
8th, The Institute, Kelvedon
9th, St. Mary's Church, Ross On Wye
10th, Marnhull Village Hall, Marnhull, Dorset
12th, Green Note, London
13th, Elephant and Castle, Lewes
14th, No.8 Café, Launceston, Cornwall
15th, Klondyke Club, Manchester
16th, Abington Village Hall, Abington
19th, The Admiral Bar, Glasgow
20th, House Concert, Edinburgh
21st, Clark's, Dundee
22nd, 23rd, Ireby Festival, Ireby
26th, The Bicycle Shop, Norwich

Europe, June
6th, Fahradkeller House Concert, Berlin
10th, Lichtung, Cologne
11th, Club am Donnerstag, Hamburg
12th, Hafen 2, Offenbach



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